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WISCONSIN Freelance Jobs

Design Job 40245: Custom TShirt Company Websi (978424)... Worldwide $2500 1:15 PM DesignQuote
Design Job 40243: Business Online Directory A (977725)... Worldwide $2500 12:30 PM DesignQuote
Design Job 40246: Noise Control Company Websi (977807)... Worldwide $500 - 2:00 PM DesignQuote
Design Job 40238: Nutrition and Yoga Company (977179)... Worldwide $1000 1:15 PM DesignQuote
Design Job 40235: Art Item Listing Ecommerce (977132)... Worldwide $500 - 11:45 AM DesignQuote
WI ... $? 6:45 AM Liturgical Publ
Is looking for a Marketing Graphic Designer at our New Berlin facility that will be responsible for the production of print and online communication solutions..
WISVILLE ... $ 11:15 AM Craigslist
Outdoor Signature - Outdoor Pottery Designer ** NEEDED: Pottery designer for an outdoor living company We are a rapidly expanding outdoor living and landscape
WI ... $? 6:45 PM NBA
Must be a college student pursuing a degree in graphic design or a freelance artist able to work a regular schedule....
... $10 10:15 PM GAF
For Each Sale of this Product i will Pay you $10 Per sale More than one persons can sign up . the person that i awarded will earn $10 per
... $250- 11:00 PM GAF
We are looking to have an 85 page PDF document turned into an excel document. We would explain to you how we want the information displayed as well as answer
... $30- 11:00 PM GAF
Need a dedicated 2 days for coding work on existing excel model(s) Model will be made available to preferred bidder. (Budget: $30-$250 AUD, Jobs: Excel, Vi
... $15- 11:00 PM GAF
We are looking for a highly experienced ASP.NET MVC 5 developer for our brand new web start-up. This is a great opportunity for a successful candidate to work
... $30- 2:00 PM GAF
I need to build a database complete with a data entry form and tables to support tracking students in schools, cities, counties, etc (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs
... $ 11:00 PM GAF
Android application names and his details. (Budget: ?12500-?37500 INR, Jobs: Android, Mobile Phone)
... $10- 10:15 PM GAF
Edit, Change Colour & Improve Resolution to Existing Logo REQUIREMENTS: • No need to create Brand New Design, as we have the existing design already.
... $250- 2:00 PM GAF
I am looking for a freelancer to help me with linkbuilding. Our site is currently ranking position 5-6 on google and i want to boost it to number 2 or 3. The
... $250- 2:00 PM GAF
I need a very creative web designer and developer to help design and build an online forum. (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Des
... $30- 9:30 PM GAF
Hello Freelancers. I need to build a dynamic website .First of all I need to create Attractive web template. Let me know your price for Web Template. Thank Y
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
Dog training website. The content is already produced, but in need of someone to build site. Includes contact capture page, videos, and social media links. (Bu
... $10- 11:00 PM GAF
Hi, I need to send bulk email mostly in USA, UK. We have 27,000,000 emails that must go out within 30 days. The list is Old and hence bounce rate could be h
... $15- 10:15 PM GAF
Hi, As described in the title: CGI App With Low Latency Request Handling, Fast Lookups @ Memory-Based Key/Value Storage We need a super fast lightweight
... $10- 3:30 PM GAF
hello, i need a character illustration with front, back, side, and action type poses. then you need to use corel paint for painting it, i dont want any on
... $240- 11:00 PM GAF
hi i need translate an article from Chinese(simplified? to French . about 3500 words thanks (Budget: $240-$2000 HKD, Jobs: Translation)
... $2000- 11:00 PM GAF
hi i need translate an article from Chinese(simplified? to Japanese . about 3500 words thanks (Budget: $2000-$6000 HKD, Jobs: Translation)
... $2000- 11:00 PM GAF
hi i need translate an article from Chinese(simplified? to Korea . about 3500 words thanks (Budget: $2000-$6000 HKD, Jobs: Translation)
... $? 12:15 PM FJS
NY-New York, Leading firm in midtown Manhattan seeks an Cisco JABBER Voice Architect to provide AV/Video Conferencing and Unified Communication design, strategy
... $250- 9:30 PM GAF
This project is for Vsona. It is a web scrapping project for 15,000 records. Templates and websites and notes already sent to you (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs:
... $30- 11:00 PM GAF
I wish to design a simple work /recording and information book for myself and some work colleagues to record their professional development activities, I have a
... $30- 9:30 PM GAF
Hello Look at these 3 videos Can you create videos of this sort from scratch ? Show m
... $30- 9:30 PM GAF
Create FireFox Plug-in Extension to renew Craigslist Ads. I need to renew ads from this site.
... $30- 11:00 PM GAF
GENERAL RULES Before bidding on this project please carefully check the details below as by putting forward a bid on this project you also automatically agre
... $15- 9:30 PM GAF
I need a drawing done without any clipart. I need it done in CorelDraw or in Illustrator. I need it delivered in a Vector ESP that will open in CorelDraw 16. Th
... $300- 9:30 PM GAF
We are looking for a expert to create a website to sell one customizable product. The product is a printed identification ID , that the user creates by entering
... $250- 10:15 PM GAF
I need fast & accurate data entry done. This is easy data entry and no programming involved. Your responsibilities will include entering data from imag
... $ 10:15 PM GAF
The project is completely based on email marketing. The main aim is to circulate the newsletter via email marketing. i will consider someone has list of opt-in
... $8- 9:30 PM GAF
Contect us only after reading the Pdf. Contact only if you are an agancy or a team that sits in one office ( thats will be conferm in video chats whith your
... $2- 10:15 PM GAF
Hi there, My name is Richard Sumner and Im the Editor-in-chief at FACEON Magazine (Google: FACEON Magazine) I can no longer afford to print my magazine, s
... $10 9:30 PM GAF
1 - Insert automatic background for all widgets 2 - Fix plugin league results (Budget: $10 USD, Jobs: Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Website Design, Wordpress)
... $ 6:45 AM Craigslist
Wilson Elser`s White Plains office is currently seeking a Graphic / Web Designer. We are seeking self-motivated, intelligent, and team-oriented individuals. Su
... $10- 11:00 PM GAF
Freelancers, I am looking for email database of healthcare providers of all kinds...Please tell me what you have and we can discuss from there. (Budget: $10-
... $250- 10:15 PM GAF
Hi, I need help in learning CSS urgent. Thanks. (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: CSS, Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design)
... $30- 11:00 PM GAF
I have opened an online adult novelty store. I want to post as many items as I can onto EBAY, Amazon, shopify, Googel Shopper, etc.... With some of these they h
... $10- 9:30 PM GAF
I just got a wordpress template and need help setting all options in the template (Budget: $10-$30 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design, Wordpre
... $30- 2:00 PM GAF
I need autocad drawings (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, User Interface / IA, Website Design)
... $250- 9:30 PM GAF
Video presentation (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, User Interface / IA, Website Design)
... $750- 10:15 PM GAF
Designing on SolidWorks (Budget: $750-$1500 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, User Interface / IA, Website Design)
... $10- 11:00 PM GAF
Hi, I urgently need someone to complete an imcomplete project. There is not much to do. Most of the coding is done, you just have to create a simple shopping
... $ 9:30 PM GAF
I am looking for a creative collaberator/partner I am looking for proof reading or editing for this or having it rewritten from a marxist POV it is very raw
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
Hey Guys I am looking for a marketing partner to work with me on my site and generate revenue, we can share the revenue on equal basis, we just want to promote
... $ 9:30 PM GAF
Disini saya akan mengajarkan bagaimana cara nya agar bisnis Anda berkembang dengan cepat dan tepat. (Budget: Rp2500000-Rp7500000 IDR, Jobs: Business Coaching)
... $ 9:30 PM GAF
I need a native application for iPhone and/or iPad designed and coded. (Budget: £750-£1500 GBP, Jobs: Android, iPhone, Mobile Phone)
... $15- 9:30 PM GAF
Oxyclassified v7.0.3 on 2target (Budget: $15-$25 USD, Jobs: PHP)
... $ 6:45 AM Craigslist
Floral design studio based in the LES is looking for a part-time employee. You must be: Okay with early mornings Okay with cleaning and organizing A lover o
... $10- 10:15 PM GAF
I need a person that can Edit/photo manipulation a person. (Budget: $10-$400 USD, Jobs: Editing, Illustration, Illustrator, Photo Editing, Photoshop)
... $50- 10:15 PM GAF
I am having Plugin Installed in WordPress and need to Edit some features of Plugins. Its An urgent Project need to be done withing 4-5 Hrs. I am providing B
... $250- 9:30 PM GAF
PhD thesis in computer science (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: Proofreading)
... $8- 11:00 PM GAF
I require experienced and professional writers to bid and rewrite ebook report and few news letters (Budget: $8-$15 USD, Jobs: Article Rewriting, Articles, Copy
... $250- 10:15 PM GAF
Our website is Our function is pretty straightforward and should be understandable from the website. We dont know much about SEO, so if you
... $2- 11:00 PM GAF
Estoy interesado en trabajar con personas que deseen iniciar su propia empresa, preferiblemente de Centro América y Sur América. Si estas interesado en un pr
... $30- 9:30 PM GAF
Only taking english speaking developers, you will be strongly tested on various security best practices including but not limited to OWASP recommendations.
... $30- 9:30 PM GAF
Suppose that an insurance company wants to reduce the amount of time and money spent on call centres that handle customer inquiries. By allowing customers to vi
... $12- 10:15 PM GAF
My wordpress website will be multi-lingual - so i need my English File (.po) to be translated to these languages. Mandarin / Hindi / Japanese / Korean / Mala
... $2000- 11:00 PM GAF
hi i need translate an article from Chinese(simplified? to English . about 3500 words thanks (Budget: $2000-$6000 HKD, Jobs: Translation)
... $250- 10:15 PM GAF
To be verified on twitter. (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: Facebook Marketing, Twitter)
... $250- 10:15 PM GAF
I am a big Youtuber with over 150 million upload views. I need someone with twitter contacts to help get me verified. (Budget: $250-$750 USD, Jobs: Twitter)
... $10- 10:15 PM GAF
Hello Freelancers, I need help with US taxation assignment. All the details are attached. All the work should be plagiarism free. Deadline 48 hours after aw
... $5000 9:30 PM GAF
This project is going to reinvent the daily deal concept. I have designed a business idea that could be worth billions on a national level but I lack the skills
... $ 9:30 PM GAF
I need a programmer to modify themeforest template. You will be working on the theme The website is an online gallery
... $30- 11:00 PM GAF
The goal of my project is to find 15 honda dealers at honda official website and fill contact us form on 15 dealers website. Zip code and contact us form entrie
... $10- 11:00 PM GAF
Hello, *** PLEASE DO NOT BID UNTIL YOU READ CAREFULLY *** This is my third time posting this project without having any luck to complete this job. So please
... $30- 11:00 PM GAF
I have almost completed my report and run for plagiarism check. so it needs some editing. (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: Report Writing)
... $ 11:00 PM GAF
required to implement following algorithm 1. Directed Diffusion Algorithm 2. Grade Diffusion Algorithm 3. Fault Node Recovery Algorithm 4. Genetic Algorithm
... $25- 2:00 PM GAF
i need skype girl also need skype and cam (Budget: $25-$50 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Dating, Virtual Assistant, XXX)
... $10- 10:15 PM GAF
I have a custom wp theme, redux framework bootstrap needs javascript already built to be added under the header the slider is there its not working. just some
... $750- 9:30 PM GAF
Would like to make a karaoke app for iPhone and iPad... - I have the karaoke songs (m4v format) they have the text and the background music. I would like to st
... $10- 2:00 PM GAF
list : (Budget: $10-$30 USD, Jobs: MySQL, PHP, Wordpress)
... $10- 10:15 PM GAF
i need someone that will write an example code that will show me how to use bass.dll from to play a cd+g file. it doesnt have to be neat
... $2- 10:15 PM GAF
need experienced web designer. pls bid for more details (Budget: $2-$8 USD, Jobs: Website Design)

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